Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lucas at Walter Reed - Update

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First Post made 6/3:

Subject: Lucky to be alive!!!

So heres the latest update, for those of you who dont know. Friday night my truck was struck with a huge IED, which caused my truck to flip. Needless to say im pretty damn lucky i woke up. Im not really sure what happened, one minute i was driving down the road the next i was waking up as a bird was pickin us up. My gunner klug suffered back injuries as well as cutin his face up. My TC broke his jaw in two places and was knocked out. I was knocked out for close to thrity minutes, I fractured parts of my spine cut up my mouth and have scrapes and bruises all over. Lets just say im just glad I can walk still. Alright, Im now in our nations capital, at Walter Reed med center. Im not sure how long ill be here for, just wanted to fill you all in so you know whats going on. Im doing alright so no one worrie about that, I'll hopefully see you all soon.
Terrance manning


Subject: Finally up and walking

Hey everyone just an update for all of you. Im no longer in ICU and can now walk on my own. The good news, my back is ok, doesnt require surgery. Bad news, I have a big torso brace thing that looks ridiculous. I will have to wear this thing for about three months and then do another cat scan. Its gonna take close to 9 months to a year to fully recover, and in about six months their going to check and make sure Im not suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury. lame. But since I was knocked out for so long its a possiblity. I want to assure everyone that im ok and totally not changed, other than the fact it hurts to stand or walk or move lol. But really im ok, if luck holds out I could be home in a few weeks or sooner. More likely sometime in July though. I appreciate all the support you guys have shown me, it really helps with whats going on. I will continue to update you all as things unfold. Hit me up and let me know how your all doing. Terrance Lucas Manning Jr.

Latest thing I know:
I called his private room on Friday in ICU. According to the above he moved and I haven't been able to get the new number. I hope to get it today... As soon as I get the latest and greatest I will post it here.

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