Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Baby!

I found out five weeks ago that I was pregnant. The due date they gave me I would be 18 weeks right now. I had a doctor’s appointment this week and the ultrasound said that I am only 10 weeks along. 10 WEEKS! So I thought that I have been out of the testy first trimester stage and we told Cory and Dillon all about the baby. They actually both want a sister.
Dillon was laying on the couch Monday with his head in my lap and my stomach started to gurgle.
Dillon: What was that!?!
Me: The baby is talking to you!
Dillon: The baby is talking to me?
Me: What she saying?
Dillon: You hear that? The baby is talking to me!
Me: What is he saying? (I switch between he and she for some reason)
Dillon: You hear that? The baby farted!!
This kid cracks me up. Lately his favorite word is farted/fart any derivate of it.
On a side note Dillon is finally taking to potty training! The only time he has gone in his pull up is during nap time and then during bed. I put him in underwear when we got home tonight and he didn’t have any accidents. He’s in the bath now and we’ll put him in a diaper for bed but it’s a start.
Cory had a cross country meet yesterday. He came in 33rd but he had fun. He has also joined the Science club at school and next week he’ll be starting the Junior National Honor Society. He’s having fun with school!
Jeff leaves for the desert in about two weeks. Pray for a safe journey home and for him to not be to overwhelmed over there. He will still be finishing his economics class when he gets over there so he’ll be busy studying at first.

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