Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quarterback Vs. Razorback

Jeff and I were talking about Quarterbacks this morning over diaper changing.

Dillon looks at us and says, "It's not Quarterback it's Razorback".

Jeff and I look at each other like where did he learn that word? Normally when we talk football it is either NFL, Notre Dame or Arkansas... we never really say Razorbacks.

So I looked at Dillon and asked him, "Where did you hear that word from"?
He said, "Ms. Tamela", his daycare teacher. Great! They are corrupting him. :)
On another note:
Dillon is at the age where he says funny stuff so...
Cory and him were cleaning his room the other day and Dillon says to Cory...
"Let's concentrate on this area over here".

What? Wait! He said concentrate... he is learning so much!!
I got Cory's cross country running schedule last night. Expect to see some pictures of Cory running on here pretty soon.

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