Friday, January 16, 2009

Counting Down!

So I am counting down a few things.

First and foremost.... Jeff gets home in like 5 weeks (ish).
I say ish because I think he'll be home that week but we never know the exact date until a few days before hand. So what I do is I count from the day he left (October 13, 2008) his 120 TDY status... then add a week or so. I know he won't be home exactly in 120 days (like that would ever happen) but soon after. I cannot wait for him to get home. Without him here the house seems so lonely and boring. Did I tell you I cannot wait!?!?! :)

Secondly we have (tomorrow) 13 more weeks until our baby girl is here. Jeff and I have discussed names via email and on the phone but since finding out the gender haven't really had a face to face conversation about her name. We have discussed the name Zoey and Madelynn. After a few weeks of knowing we were having a girl I would alternate between calling the baby bump Zoey and Madelynn or Maddie. Dillon started to call the bump Maddie. So I told Jeff what Dillon was doing even though I would say, What if it's a boy? Jeff says it looks like Dillon has named the baby. So tentatively until I actually get to see Jeff's reaction to the name it is:
Madelynn Marjorie Ellen Byrd. Marjorie Ellen was my mom's full name.

As I have dropped my external hard drive on the ground last week I have broken the connector to the dang thing. Thankfully we took the thing apart (an IT guy at work) and found out the hard drive is in tact but we tried to solder the usb connector thing back onto the board and it wouldn't work. So now I need to buy a new external hard drive and THANKFULLY everything on my old hard drive can be transferred to the new one. Needless to say I have an order in for two. One for my daily use and one for a weekly back up. Anyone who really knows me knows that I need the back up. This being said I do not have a picture to add to this post just yet. All of those pictures are on my hard drive. I am however taking a picture tonight at 26 weeks. I'll post that later.

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