Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dillon's concerns for the baby

For Christmas Dillon got a doctor's kit. It has a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, thermometer, etc. He has gotten to where he'll come take my blood pressure and listen to the baby's heart and give her shots through my belly. It's sweet actually.
So today when he was doing this I asked his if he was going to be a good big brother and help me with his baby sister. He said yes. Then I asked if he was going to help me feed her. His response:
But she doesn't have any bottles to drink from... How can we feed her if we don't have any bottles.
I said, we have time she'll get bottles we just don't have them yet.
He said, she doesn't have a dolly either. She needs to have a dolly too.
The concern on his face and in his voice was too cute. It cracked me up.
So, he and I got on Target and looked at all the dolls they had. He picked out a doll that he thought she would like and we put it on the registry. I figured I'll go pick it up later but the fact that he got over his concern and he picked out the doll made him feel so much better. While we were searching for the doll he saw a cube where you can put pictures in it. He liked that too and said she has to have that too.
I haven't really gone to the store to "get" anything yet. I have a ton of nesting that I feel like I need to do but the first few steps I need to complete I need Jeff here first. I want to put some shelves up in Cory's room so that I can get all of Cory's stuff out of Dillon's room. Once that's done then I can start to reorganize Dillon and Maddie's room the way I want to set it up. We are going to get a loft bed for Dillon to sleep in and roll the crib under the huge space that's meant for another bed or desk area. Thank goodness Dillon's bed was convertible, we just convert it from the toddler bed back into the crib (Thanks Sunny and David!!). Once we have the bed set up we can start to restructure the rest of the room. Obviously though all the heavy lifting Jeff wants me to wait. So I'm really waiting on doing any major shopping until he gets home. Which by the way is in about 25 days or so!!!!
Once he gets home though I feel as though it'll be a huge whirlwind of stuff to get done. I keep putting this off but I think today I am determined to get started on all the stuff I want to put on ebay (finally)! I have a ton of old (not old old but books I won't be using old) books from previous semesters that I need to get rid of. I used 11 books alone last year. Dillon is actually wanting to take a nap today (he's not feeling to well) so while he is done I'll get as much as that done as I can.
Anyway! I came on originally to talk about Dillon's concern but this ended up being a novel!

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