Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Week one with a new baby!!

It's been a week! :)
All Madelynn and I do is sleep and eat. ha ha

Dillon was a bit jealous when she first came home. You could see that he finally realized what it meant when he got a new sister. He is doing great now though. He kisses and hugs her good night. He wants me to feed her with a bottle. He doesn't understand why she doesn't eat with a bottle. He reads to her and sings to her too.

Cory is a teenager and thinking, great another baby. We know though that once she is able to interact with Cory he'll be more interested. Cory will be inducted into the National Jr. Honor Society this weekend. I'm not sure if Jeff will go or if I will go but we will try to take pictures.

Madelynn had her one week well visit today. I updated that information here: Be sure to check out how much she weighs and the doctor's information. She is still sleeping, eating and pooping. That's her update. LOL

Jeff has decided since he has some days off that he is going to build a pergola on our patio. I will take pictures tonight when he is finished and keep you up to date on how it's going.
As for me I am off to go get Dillon from daycare then come back and cook dinner. :)

Love you all!!

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